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Project BRZ – HT Autos BRZ, FRS, GT86 sideskirt install DIY

Tools Needed:

  • rubbing alcohol – surface prep
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • electric drill
  • #2 phillips head screwdriver
  • jack and jack stands
  • a friend to help (makes for easier location of the skirts)

Total Install Time: 30 minutes

The HT Autos sideskirt for the BRZ, FRS, GT86 comes pre-drilled with screws and has additional double sided tape for mounting.

We did not put the car on the lift as we wanted to do the install that the majority of our customers would be doing.

You can either jack up one side of the car at a time (L R) or you can do the front and then the rear. We opted for the front and then the rear.


  • To begin, jack up the front of the car via the mount jacking point. Please use the jack stands under the support points.



  • Now use the rubbing alcohol with a clean towel or rag to completely wipe down the rocker panel so that it is free of  contaminants. 
  • Test fit the side skirt to the car, double check the distances front and rear to make sure the skirt is even on the rocker panel.

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  • Once you have the skirt in the proper location, peel back 3-4 inches of the double sided tape on the ends and attach the skirt to the car. 



  • Use the 1/8″ drill bit along with the pre-drilled holes in the skirts to start your mounting locations. Then insert the provided screw into the hole to attach the side skirt. It is advisable to drill and screw one hole at a time, working towards the rear. This allows you to adjust the positioning of the skirt if your test fit position is slightly off.
  • As you are working down the car, peel back the double sided tape accordingly to fasten the out edge of the skirt. 







We were able to get about 3/4 of the skirt drilled and mounted before having to jack up the rear of the car to finish the process.



Once completed, remove the jack and the jack stands. Congratulations on the new look of your car!

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