KoruWorks Radiator Stays

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Product Overview

KoruWorks Radiator Stays - Nissan S13, S14, S15

Got a fresh radiator and crusty old OEM Brackets? Maybe you have some cheap zip ties holding on your vibrating $400 radiator? TISK TISK!

KoruWorks comes to your rescue


  • Crafted out of 6061 aluminum. That's the same stuff NASA uses (We think).
  • Anodized blue to match your KoruWorks Oil cap - sold separably. 
  • Comes with rubber bushings installed
  • Bolt on design for 240sx - OK, so this is the thing. These should work on MOST aftermarket radiators and cars. The bolt holes on the core support might not line up... but a drill bit with nut/bolt can change that. PRESTO!