Hard Parts Manufacturing 

We pride ourselves on offering unique and aesthetically pleasing hard parts for various applications. The parts we manufacture are usually not necessary and wont make you anymore horsepower. But they look damn good!

Think of our products like a hat for your hat. 

Private Labeling and Special Project Opportunities are also available through KoruWorks. Email Us at for more information.



Race Prep Services

Weather you're a Formula Drift Pro Driver or Weekend Time Attacker, we can help get you and you're car ready for battle. With 30+ years of combined racing and drifting experience, on and off track, KoruWorks can help you reach the podium! 



Aftermarket Parts Installation

KoruWorks is your premier destination for performance and style enthusiast. Our 3,000+ square foot facility is located in the heart of Marietta, Georgia. Our beautiful, air conditioned, spacious showroom with high-definition 720p TV, and complementary Wi-Fi allows you to relax while your automobile begins its performance transformation.

The KoruWorks staff has literally modified 1,000’s of performance cars and have the experience and knowledge to build & style your car. From installing coilovers, to building and prepping your race car, we have your back!  

(As of 6/1/2022 we will not be accepting new customer jobs until 2023)



Perfection doesn't always come in a 'bolt on' format. We have the tools, experience, and ability to tackle any fabrication necessary. You can feel safe knowing your project will receive nothing but top quality service. Our fabrication abilities also include one-off billet part manufacturing.