A trifecta for KoruWorks at Formula D Atlanta

Posted by Sean Biggs on May 19th 2016

A trifecta for KoruWorks at Formula D Atlanta

For over a decade, the Formula Drift Road to the Championship held at Road Atlanta’s signature Turn 10 has thundered into Southeastern hearts with ever-growing fervency. Not only do fans flock to Road Atlanta for close-encounters of the tandem kind – intense Global Time Attack competition and the Fatlace Offset Kings car show tantalize automotive pallets in spite of Hotlanta’s trademark…err.. rather warm weather.

That powerful Atlanta sun highlighted the success of the entire KoruWorks team across the various aspects of the weekend.

3rd Place: Formula Drift Championship Standings

KoruWorks FormulaD driver Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis drove the Ark Performance/Feal Suspension/Falken Tire Hyundai Genesis hard achieving a strong finish; placing him 3 rd in current FD standings with 116 points behind former champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa. An impressive 90-point qualifying run placed him 5 th moving into Top 32. Odi advanced against rookie Cameron Moore in Top 32 and bested Forrest Wang in the Get Nuts Lab S14 on Saturday. Odi’s previous experience and the new-for-2016 Hyundai Genesis platform ultimately propelled Odi to a Top 8 finish at Road Atlanta, Chris Forsberg proceeding to the Final 4. This weekend’s performance has certainly proven the capability of the fresh Ark Performance/Feal Suspension/Falken Tire Genesis chassis.

1st Place: Offset Kings Show

Shining paint and tsuda-ichi wheel fitment will take you far in the Fatlace Offset Kings showcase. The KoruWorks team was represented well in the stylish show. The Koru MX83 Cressida was crowned 1 st place Classic. 

Justin Marlow debuted his kyusha-themed PS13 with fresh blue paint for onlookers to enjoy. There’s almost nothing better than a 90’s Japanese car on fat Wats….

1st Place: Global Time Attack

In the midst of all the cars sliding about, Global Time Attack competitors hunt for grip and speed on the Road Atlanta tarmac. Erin Sanford, who apparently can’t drift ( @icantdrift), proved he can certainly grip in his PS13. Placing 1 st in Limited RWD was a welcome treat for Erin, who has worked hard developing an aero package since last year. This initial outing with old tires and new aero improved the V8 Nissan’s times by 3 seconds compared with last year. A lap time of 1:32.1 landed Sanford at the top of his class, ahead of challenging competitors such as an S2000 with a nearly 100hp advantage over the 410hp 240SX.

Congratulations to the KoruWorks team for a successful weekend at one of the Southeast’s premier automotive experiences. Why can’t every weekend be this good?