Tech-53 Diff Front Bushing E36-E46

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Want to remove any play in your differential? Don’t want all the vibration from a full Aluminum bushing. We have the perfect combo for you, we use Delrin/Acetal for all our diff bushings available on the website. Our Multipiece design combined with a Stainless Steel Washer to be sure that the bushing work how it was intended to do.

The OEM unit will worn very quickly when driver’s use the car how they were suppose to. The sign of a worn bushing is a loud clonc in big acceleration or when clutch kicking.

Replace OEM E36 part 1x 33171134871

Replace OEM E46 part 2x 33176770788

Vehicle fitment:

  • E36 chassis all (EXCEPT Ti)
  • E46 chassis all (Except M cars)
  • Z4 chassis all (Except M cars)