How To Install: KoruWorks SR20det CAS Cover

Posted by Gregg Bucell on Aug 12th 2021

How To Install: KoruWorks SR20det CAS Cover

In this video we show you how simple it is to install the KoruWorks SR20det Cam Angle Sensor Cover! It’s as simple as 2 screws!!! Well, Gregg Bucell finds a way to turn the install into a 3 person job.

Upgrade your old plastic CAS Cover to one of our 6061 Billet direct bolt on covers! These caps are much stronger and longer lasting than the OEM caps and install in seconds.

These covers are designed to feature the KoruWorks Space Dude (Elton) and available in Black, Gloss Teal, Gloss Green, Gloss Purple, Satin Purple, Gloss Pink, and Satin Pink.

These work with both red and black top SR20det engines.