KoruWorks Oil Caps V2

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Have you heard about the new high performance oil cap available from KoruWorks? It's so good, even the cars are saying "Oil yeah!"

Crafted from high-quality billet aluminum, this oil cap is built to last and adds a touch of style to your engine. Available in five stunning colors including pink, green, purple, black, and teal, you can choose the perfect shade to complement your vehicle's aesthetic.

Not only does this oil cap look great, but it also provides superior functionality. Its high-quality construction ensures a tight seal, preventing any oil leakage and keeping your engine running smoothly. And with its easy installation process, you will achieve instant gratification. 

Don't settle for an average boring plastic oil cap. Designed to fit most Nissans, Hondas, and any vehicle with a M32×P3.5 tread, ensuring that it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.