KoruWorks Radiator Stays V2

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KoruWorks Radiator Stays for Nissan Silvia (and R-chassis nerds)

Got a fresh radiator and crusty old OEM Brackets? Maybe you have some cheap zip ties holding on your vibrating $400 radiator? 


  • Choose between S13 Style (Tapered washer with 8mm allen head bolt) OR s14 Style (Flat washer with 8mm nut).
  • Stays come anodized in 7 color options. Gloss Black, Gloss Purple, Satin Purple, Gloss Pink, Satin Pink, Teal, and Green. 
  • Stay Washers come in Multiple Colors options.
  • Come in a pair of (2) Left and Right
  • Crafted out of 6061 aluminum. That's the same stuff NASA uses (We think).
  • Comes with rubber radiator top post bushings installed.
  • Bolt on design for an s-chassis BUT these should work on a lot of cars with some elbow grease. 

Check out how freaking good they look on this Silvia! 

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    Very Nice!

    Posted by Brandon Bray on Feb 4th 2021

    They look good, light and strong. If you don't have them you're wrong.