ENEOS Racing Street 0W50 and 0W20

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ENEOS RACING STREET motor oil is advanced, fully synthetic engine oil designed to exceed general synthetic oil in every aspect; from using a higher quality base oil, to employing a premium mix of additives developed in collaboration with major Japanese automakers. As a result,  ENEOS RACING STREET maximizes horsepower while offering oil film retention, oxidation stability and anti-wear properties under high temperatures and pressure. ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20 uses Group 3+ base oil, which is particularly suited to cold starts in colder temperatures, yet will also protect during multiple hot starts at the race track.

ENEOS RACING STREET provides maximum acceleration and protection from street to track.

  • MoDTC: or Molybdenum Dithiocarbamates, is a friction reduction additive used for racing oil. It continuously forms a slippery, protective coating on metal surfaces, minimizing friction dramatically, particularly at high temperature conditions.
  • ZDDP: short for “Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphates,” has long been recognized as an anti-wear additive. It not only dramatically reduces metal to metal friction, but also prevents oxidation and corrosion. It can provide considerable benefits, but too much can cause negative effects, such as reducing benefit and life of catalytic converters.


ENEOS RACING STREET is suitable for every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, autocross, Time Attack and more racing series where owners drive their street cars on the track. It is especially suited for short tracks and courses, where frequent cornering can stress components without necessarily reaching ultra-high temperatures.